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We All Live in Gaza is a web based real-time series chronicling our Independent grass-roots humanitarian mission; a mission to bring water purification technologies and medical assistance to the Gaza Strip. The project is being directed by Maurice Jacobsen, who has recently spent two years living and working inside Gaza as a photojournalist, and is being co-produced by EarthWE, the Inshallah Media Project, and The Media Group, Gaza City.  

Using the framework of the humanitarian mission, the documentary will weave together multiple storylines to bring you, the audience, an intimate portrait of the complex contemporary history of Gaza as it unfolds. 

Incorporating an online navigational toolset the web series will roll out in 50 four-minunte chapters as we travel to Washington, DC, London, Geneva, Israel, the West Bank, Egypt and onward into Gaza.  The documentary will investigate why so little of the three billion dollars in reconstruction aid has arrived into the territory.  It will explore why all negotiations for peace in the region have failed.  It will chronicle the success or failure of our humanitarian mission.  And most importantly, from ground level, the series will share stories of the men, women and children living under siege and who are daily impacted by policy decisions over which they have little to no control.

Our Rationale

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.  And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.  H.P. Lovecraft

Often it seems safer to embrace what we believe to be true, than to let go of it for fear of the unknown.  For many the words Palestinian and terrorist are synonymous, a bye-product of media stereotyping that is often self-perpetuating.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  It is a story that desperately calls out for full disclosure.  We All Live in Gaza will use the tools of new media: original video shot en-route and on-location within Gaza, analytical reportage, photography, social networking, user generated content, and direct two-way dialogue.  All integrated into an online experience designed to help guild you through this complex story.

The documentary series will unfold in real-time as new installments are posted regularly via Inmarsat satellite.  There is little doubt the journey will involve physical and emotional risks as the story is wrapped inside the political and military turmoil of the region.  Gaza is under siege and for all intent and purpose is cut off from the outside world.  Access to the territory is at the whim of the bordering countries of Egypt and Israel. This will not be an easy undertaking.

As the mission works it way through logistical and physical obstacles, each video in the series will be accompanied by blogs and informational links. All videos will be posted here on a dedicated EarthWE web channel, as well as being available on mobile and wireless platforms.

We invite you to become part of our journey.  We thank you and the men, women and children of Gaza thank you.  And for those who become involved we'll have available special rewards from Palestine including limited edition posters, books from our contributing journalist Jonathan Cook and original prints of artwork from Gaza, including the work of artist Basel Maqusi who you can meet here.


Art Under Siege...Basel Maqusi from The Palestine Chronicles on Vimeo.

Basel is just one of the many people you will meet in our online series.  It is our goal to do what documentaries do best, to bring you to places you might never have a chance to physically visit and introduce you to people you may never have a chance to meet in daily life.  And to do it all in real-time.  We invite you to join us.  

Thank you for your consideration.

Maurice Jacobsen, Project Coordinator





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