Do ArT Foundation

The Do ArT Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates artistic, creative and inspiring projects and programs to bring support and awareness to various humanitarian causes. We are a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas.

The Do ArT Foundation’s mission is to engage the public to DO ART through interaction and education. We facilitate programs and projects that are focused on the promotion of creative expression in and for under-served sectors of society. Passionate about promoting all contemporary art-forms, Do ArT recognizes the need for exemplary artistic productions to create important humanitarian cultural happenings.

Do ArT Foundation is a non-profit organization that answers the need of art access and eduction for marginalized members of our society. In today’s times, the exposure to art is limited for the general public. Do ArT aims to bring art and a voice to people and communities that otherwise might not have been given the tools for artistic expression. We believe that art should live outside the institution and be brought into our everyday lives as a practice of our human experience.

Our vision is to use art with a message and a meaning as a forum to foster exchange and unity between under-served communities. Do ArT will focus on projects and programs that involve unconventional art education, community development, and international exchange. In our vision, artists will unite with marginalized communities to foster creativity, communication, and understanding through direct and free access to all mediums of expression.

The Do ArT Foundation values art that helps to bridge communities by fostering collaboration and education. We seek to help bring art to the streets; to people and sectors of urban society outside the institution and give them a voice. We believe that art is a critical social force that should be promoted in all sectors. Do ArTsupports projects and programs that can work with and within communities that are largely ignored.
The Do ArT Foundation values art that heals. Whether this is revealed through unconventional methodology, expression, or integration, we believe that art is therapeutic and support projects that have this focused intention.

The Do ArT Foundation values art that creates inspiration for artists and the public at large.  We believe that the need for inspiration is more crucial then ever at this moment in time, and we aim to support that need in the form of our unique projects and programs. By exposing and incorporating under-served people to public art, we can facilitate an opportunity for individual and collective growth. Do ArT wishes to inspire communities to learn about contemporary art forms and most importantly, discover their own methods of self expression.

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