Renewables 100

Renewables 100 was founded to accelerate and support the global transition to sustainable 100 percent renewable energy.


A Response to an Urgent Need
Civilization is facing a global energy crisis brought on largely by our dependency on conventional fossil energies. Key to resolving these problems is the rapid and total shift in the way society sources and uses energy.

An immediate transition to 100% environmentally sound renewable energies and fuels is necessary, as these in combination are the energy technologies that are clean and sustainable enough to carry civilization into the future, as well as flexible enough to be technically implemented relatively quickly.

Not a question of "if" but "when"
Non-renewable fossil based energy sources will, by definition, run out. Therefore, the transition to renewable energy sources is mandatory. According to industry data, these fuels could be depleted in the lifetime of today's children.  Given the hazardous economics of conventional energies as resources wane and the equally, if not more, hazardous existential crises they cause in the meantime--including climate change, pollution, nuclear waste and proliferation, and water shortages--serious effort to transition to renewable energies sooner than later is the most rational decision. It is no longer a question of "if" the 100% renewable energy future will become a reality; it is solely a question of "when."

But how?
This is a tough question Renewables 100 aims to help answer. We have four primary initiatives you can learn more about by clicking here.

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