Portraits Africa Exhibition Series

The Portraits Africa exhibition series started with a few hundred dollars in funding and the desire of portrait artists in African countries to show and sell their work. The first exhibition in this series opens on January 20th and will be on view until Feburary 5th, 2016 at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The next three exhibitions will take place in the city of Accra, in Ghana, and, in Lagos, Nigeria, and, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

By supporting this exhibition series with a donation you are assisting these ambitious artists to realize thier goals in countries with relatively few opportunities and resources by Western or European and American standards. Donations pay for exhibtion space for aritists in the African countries of Ghana, Nigerian, Kenya and South Africa to show and sell their paintings, drawings and to meet patrons who will commission portraits from the artists. These exhibtions help provide the artists with a livelyhood.

The participating African artists do all the necessary on site work for these exhibtions, including attending  meetings to organize the exhibits, designing and creating announcements and posters, curating and installing the artworks at the venue, even greeting vistors who attend the exhibition openings, and at the end of the show taking down the artworks and cleaning up. We are also working to contact non-profit organizations in African countries to request assistance with space--all of which takes time, effort and resources.

Your support of this exhibition series provides fudning for procuring venues for African to show and sell their work.

Thanks for your support in any amount! Or buy an artists print, t-shirt, mug, or painting or drawing from our store.

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