Peacelink Live!

Peacelink Live! makes you part of a live global event creating a culture of peace, now. To be the change, be the link.

Using the power of music and technology Peacelink Live! brings live and broadcast audiences together in actions for peace, with a focus on real solutions, inspirational messaging and youth empowerment.


  • To provide pathways to inner peace and social justice.
  • To connect humanity via live concerts, virtual events, workshops, and community initiatives.
  • To raise funding and awareness for grass roots and direct lobby for peace.
  • To promote a shift in society and media toward a culture of life transcending religious, political, cultural and economic division.
  • To expand our think tank and network for peace, linking individuals and organizations committed to progressive change and co-creating a world that works for everyone.

Peacelink Live is a unique transformational event experience and television program bringing together inspirational messaging from visionaries of peace and spirituality and some of today’s greatest musical acts.  Think TED X meets the Midnight Special and the Daily Show simultaneously linking multi-city events where participants join together in group activities for peace.

This is not merely a program for your entertainment, but an opportunity to participate, real-time, in a collective consciousness with the common intention of bringing peace to the society and the individual.  This event is not designed to sell you a beer and a t-shirt, but to make you part of creating a transformational and activating experience, bringing hope, inspiration, and real solutions to some of the greatest challenges our society faces today.

Who are the Mahatma Gandhi’s, John Lennon’s and Martin Luther King’s of today? Will we stand idly by and allow our consciousness to be hijacked by soul crushing news media, reality television, advertising, and tabloid journalism?  Aren’t we ready for something more?    Who are our children’s heroes and role models? What image of ourselves are we projecting to the world?

Most people assume that its all hopeless and that there is nothing they can do about it.  We would like to dispel that notion.

At this moment musicians, actors, writers, directors, artists, producers, and people from all walks of life are coming together to bring transcendent programming offering hope, and inspiring communities to take action in the co-creation a world that works for everyone.

The Shift is here.

Be the change. Be the link.

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