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Forty years ago, four visionary women established the Ms. Foundation for Women to elevate women's voices and create positive change. Today, we're a dynamic and powerful entity that is leading the charge on women's issues nationwide.

There's a war on women, and we are fighting back. Our advocacy arm is dedicated to promoting and defending laws and policies that protect women's rights, safety and well-being. We work at the federal and state level to connect with leaders and effect positive policy change.

We are the nation's leading voice on women's issues, and our voice is loud. We call attention to barriers, criticize injustice, call out hypocrisy, shape conversations, challenge opposing voices and celebrate victories. The Ms. Foundation makes news and responds to the headlines: We regularly contribute to, and are cited in, prominent media outlets.

We believe that real social change happens from the ground up. That is why we provide funding to more than 100 dynamic organizations working on key issues of reproductive health, child sexual abuse prevention, affordable child care and quality child care jobs. The support we provide to grantee partners translates into profound, tangible impacts within communities, building toward a nation of justice for all.

Powerful change requires powerful movements. Powerful movements require powerful organizations. That is why we offer our grantees more than money. We don't just write a check and move on. We provide strategic assistance to help organizations run smarter; we help grantees speak to the public and gather supporters; and we develop more successful community leaders.


"The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day;

a movement is only people moving."

Gloria Steinem



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