Los Angeles Community Garden Council

The mission of The Los Angeles Community Garden Council (a non-profit corporation) is to connect people with community garden space in their neighborhood. We are a group of community gardeners who work together to try to solve common problems. Council members each provide the services that they are best equipped to, and coordinate their efforts to accomplish our mission. Community gardens and the LACGC work together to build and manage, advocate and celebrate. Meetings of the LACGC are held each month at a different garden around the Los Angeles County.

Community Gardens in Los Angeles

Approximately 70 community gardens are growing in Los Angeles County, serving 3,900 families. Community gardens are vibrant, cooperative organizations that build neighborhood self-reliance, and reduce poverty, mitigate global warming and benefit the LA River and Ballona Creek watersheds. Los Angeles devotes little taxpayer money to community gardens yet they return abundant neighborhood benefit.

Community Gardens and Real Estate

Community gardens are a special type of park: they are open to all who apply, but they are self-maintained and self-policed by the membership. Unlike most parks, community gardens occupy three categories of land: private land with short-term leases, public land with short-term leases, and garden-owned land.

Several vacant, developable lots in public or private ownership are currently leased for community gardens. Experience has shown that the maintenance costs of vacant lots borne by both public land owners, like the Department of Public Works, and private land owners, is high, and to lease their land for a community garden until it is needed for development has benefits for everyone.

Building Community Gardens

If your community wants to build a community garden, the LA Community Garden Council will help you do it yourself. There are several non-profit organizations that build community gardens side-by-sice with a garden club, church, or school. A patchwork of private, federal and city funding has been used to build community gardens since 1996.




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