Help a Life Foundation

Help a Life Foundation is a 501c focusing on adolescent orphan girls and education begun in 2007.  

We currently have 58 orphan girls in our group home in Debre Markos, Ethiopia.  The girls go to public school during the day and are tutored in our 4 classrooms/1 computer room every evening in Math, Science,Computers and English.   There are all types of extra curricular activities for the girls along with counseling to help them integrate back into society.  

To date, 17 girls have just graduated from High School and are on their way to different Universities with all of them wanting to be doctors!.  4 more have started an Accounting program which will be completed in 1 year.  The commitment of Help A Life Foundation will not end with graduation from high school.  It will continue to support each girl through four years of college and is arranging for full financial scholarships through individual sponsorships in the USA & Europe.  Girls who do not advance to University level are trained in business enterprise and prepared for many of the service jobs available in local government, education and healthcare.

Our goal is to have this project self sustaining within 3 years.  

We have built a 1000 hen poultry farm which is already generating an income for the project.  The eggs are sold to all local and surrounding towns and have made almost $6000.00 so far this year with only 250 hens!  Wait until we have the capacity of 1000 hens!!!                                                                            We also have just completed a grain Hammer mill where we will purchase grain from the local farmers, grind it in the hammer mill and not only feed our hens but also bag it in 100 Kg bags and sell it to the livestock farmers.

We expect to generate $15000-20000 in 2015 from both of these projects.  They are also being managed by graduates from our girls project who have attended an Agriculture College to improve their skills and performance.                                                                                                                                      An internet Cafe is on the list for the next self sustainig project!

Our goal is to inspire you to help create a better world by empowering women and their education ~ one village at the time.

Help a Life Foundation

814 South Spring St. 6th Fl  Los Angeles, California 90014  Phone Tel: (213)327-0084 Fax: (213)327-0085

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