Gigniks nonprofit careers media program addresses the absence of career guidance for underserved high school students. Our program offers digital literacy, 21st century skills and career exposure while creating a dynamic online career education resource by students for students.

Gigniks partners a school with a local employer-sponsor, bring in film graduates to teach an intensive standards-based digital media curriculum, then take students into the sponsor's workplace to interview employees on camera and get shots of them at work. Participants then edit the footage into an engaging 3-minute profile, upload the finished video to our Gigniks YouTube Channel, and share it with their friends on social media.

The program is invaluable for student participants, who get workplace exposure, digital literacy, and professional networking opportunities. It is vital for teachers and the 99% career-clueless student population, who are largely disinterested in text-based career information.  It's also a win for sponsors, offering not only educational outreach, professional-quality video content, and recruiting benefits, but also the opportunity to promote the human face of their brand and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and gender equity.

Gigniks' mission is to expand the career potential of all underserved youth by transforming the way they imagine the future. We envision a world where every young person can explore their options, discover their passion, and find out what it takes to get there.

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