Fix Our America

Fix Our America's mission is to rally the public via a saturation advertising campaign to end the “legal bribery” role of private campaign money in elections and thereby free up public officials, who now spend 40-70% of their word day raising funds and then vote 90% the way their big donors want, to work instead for their constituents.

You can see our first TV spot here now running in Southern California. Click here to help us buy more airtime. 


On behalf of all clean election groups, we seek a game-changing Constitutional Amendment that will end this hugely damaging system, finally allowing real progress to be made on our most important issues, including most economic, social justice and environmental needs. Our strategy is to reach out via our issue-branding ads to the average person who isn't usually active in political causes and who has little time to participate and provide them a simple means to bring in friends, relatives and colleagues to our cooperative cause. It is three easy steps, ($2, 2 clicks, 1 friend) to create a remarkably better America, and amounts to the lazy-person's way to make a huge difference in the destiny of our country.

Fix Our America was founded by specialists in media, advertising and entertainment; business people, lawyers and civic activists who donate time and money out of the belief that the American election system must be repaired in order to reverse America's decline and fulfill its remarkable upside potential.

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