Earth Service, Inc

In 1990 Earth Service Inc., a non-profit environmental educational organization, was created to embolden individuals and institutions to embrace an environmental ethic.

Earth Service hosted 85 Roundtables over seven years. Towards the end of the run, I was encouraged to broaden the audience, so that more people could hear these wonderful stories of commitment and success. What ensued was a series of meetings with the City of Santa Monica, I encouraged them to partner with Earth Service in the development of an environmental talk show. This creative strategic alliance began in 1997 and continues to be a strong partnership today. EarthTalk Today began as Kaleidoscope in January 1997.

The response from viewers and guests alike has been very strong. However, something was missing. My wife, Katy, encouraged me to invite our friend Alexandra Paul [who was my guest on the 3rd and 75th Kaleidoscopes] to be co-host. This has made the show more attractive from a variety of perspectives, but something was still missing: we had named the original show Kaleidoscope to reflect the many voices needed to frame the environmental message, but we needed more clearly descriptive of our intention. Once EarthTalk Today was chosen we felt the challenge and opportunity were just beginning. Today we are ‘America’s Environmental Talk Show’, and we hope to expand so that everyone in the nation has the opportunity to avail themselves of the outstanding message of hope offered by our varied and interesting guests.

That’s our story, and the only missing part now is your participation. Join us as we seek to educate one another to the importance of the environmental ethic as the determining principle guiding our lives.

Peter Gwillim Kreitler


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