Earth Rights Institute

The Earth Rights Institue (ERI) cause consists of many projects but focuses on the creation of living labs. A Living Lab is a local-global collaboration providing space to research and design innovative processes and solutions for community needs. It’s a highly participatory 'hands-on' and contextual environment for co-creation.

The living labs …

  • Offer a different take on development in education and research. Education on sustainable development has been made more accessible through our online courses.
  • Provide a hands-on approach that supports cross-cultural collaboration
  • Create teamwork ad ingenuity as keys to eradicating poverty and securing a sustainable future for all
  • Develop partnerships with academic and research institutions worldwide
  • Develop innovative solutions to improve living conditions of local communities needs
  • Unite students, researchers, professors, development professions and others on collaborative work
  • Design study abroad programs that build positive global partnerships

Moving forward, the Earth Rights Institute will work to bring living labs to local regions as an expansion on the already present ones in Guatemala and Africa, for example, around the globe. 

Through the essence of sustainable development, the living labs commands a dramatic reduction of poverty and hunger and improved development prospects for future generations.  It is a system that provides the steps towards building a quality of life in a community that is healthy, productive, and meaningful for all community members, present and future.

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