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Participants Self-Organize around Causes, create Successful Organizations and reach their Goals with Superior Results.

They use time tested Collaboration Tools for building Sensible Dialogs, Shared Approval and Group Leadership.



If you look online at various comment threads, some of them number into the thousands.

But the comments flow one after another with no organization, making it nearly impossible to find or do anything substantial.



Comment Outline brings structure and organization to comment threads by putting them into outlines.

Not only does every comment become a line in an outline, but a preexisting outline can be uploaded so that every line becomes a comment.

All comments allow reply comments, which become new lines in the outline.  The outline can grow to create group knowledge and wisdom.



Comment Outline can be used for many purposes.

One purpose I will share is an outline I created called, Workflow for Creating Prosperity

It introduces a better way to communicate with one another en mass online.

It avoids polarizing debates over abstract ideas and political ideologies.

Instead, it works on the human level to address everyone's concerns around any issue or worthy cause.

I built it with several processes, that have been time tested and proven to be successful.



Once people begin to use the Workflow for Creating Prosperity within Comment Outline, the following will be the effects:

  1. People will come together and collaborate effectively to find the best opportunities for any issue or worthy cause
  2. Groups will become well organized, and create the best solutions for their goals.
  3. They will work to lead themselves, and reach their goals with superior results.
  4. These groups can share their success by creatinge workflow outlines for every one of their causes. New groups can then follow the workflows with confidence knowing they too will be successful.
  5. As successful causes begin to multiply, it is their workflows and well organized efforts that will bring abundant prosperity to the planet.



Over the internet, people can exchange information and ideas that combine to form a Collective Crowd Knowledge.

But many find it difficult to come together and connect on the intellectual and human levels to cocreate a shared understanding of Collaborative Group Knowledge.

Online, there is little to no accountability with what people post or how they interact with one another.

A person who posts positive, relevant, and rational comments can be easily offset by people who post comments that are negative, irrelevant, irrational, uncivil and trollish.



People see issues all around them that need to be addressed, and they want to change things for the better.

But to start a new organization, they are unable to communicate efficiently, collaborate effectively or reach consensus.

Most people are not leaders or entrepreneurs, and they don't know how to attract participants and financial resources.

Consequently, their dreams and plans for doing good things in the world never get off the ground, leaving them resigned to frustrating helplessness.



Comment Outline changes all of that by providing the following features:

Unanimous Consensus Process - brings even the most politically polarized groups together in shared empathetic understanding on the human level.

Group Leadership Process - enables any group to lead themselves, even though none of the participants have experience in leadership, entrepreneurship or with start-up organizations.

Workflow for Creating Prosperity Process - enables successful worthy causes or nonprofit organizations to create a step-by-step workflow, so other start-up groups can follow along the workflows, so they can also succeed with superior results.

People Led Democracy Process - enables citizens in a voting district to create their own political platforms, so they can empower themselves to finally take control of their elected representatives, from the local to the national level.



Effective organizations and causes quickly form around the issues to bring prosperity to the people, and the planet.



A fully functioning prototype of Comment Outline will soon be available online for free to anyone who wants to help create worthy causes and organizations around any issue.

The expected release date is mid October.

Our current financial need to reach this goal is $5,000.

Help support Comment Outline by contributing to

Using the Family and Friends link will save us 3% in transaction fees.

If you don't have a Paypal account and don't want to open one, then you can contribute with a credit card at


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