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Center for Discovery has been providing residential treatment for women and teens for over 15 years. At Center for Discovery, we provide residential treatment for women with eating disorders, teens with eating disorders, teens with mental health disorders, and teens with substance abuse issues. Each of our locations is dedicated solely to one of our specialized treatment programs. By keeping each location specialized to one of our treatment programs, we are able to provide the most effective and efficient treatment for our residents. We provide residential treatment via home-like residential treatment centers located in residential neighborhoods. Our locations provide treatment for a small number of residents at one time to maintain an intimate setting and a low resident to staff ratio. Treatment within a residential neighborhood also allows our residents to feel more comfortable in a familiar surrounding as well as providing greater transferability and internalization of the treatment experience to life after treatment. Our locations do not look, feel or smell like a hospital and we strive to provide an environment where residents feel like and are treated like people, never patients.

Center for Discovery has been dedicated to providing successful residential treatment for years, and over that time we have developed a proprietary treatment model that has helped us create a legacy of success. Our proprietary program allows for one-of-a-kind treatment to be provided to every client to support their healing, growth, and recovery. Each resident is personally involved in creating their treatment program and treatment is individualized for each resident to specifically address the issues and situation they are dealing with. At Center for Discovery, we know that treatment is not only about the diagnosed issues, it is about the contributing factors that underlie those conditions. We understand that while the symptoms may be similar, the underlying factors are unique to each of our clients.

Our team of renowned experts helps guide clients and families to recovery, well-being and a healthy life. It is our firm belief at Center for Discovery that families are critical to the solution. Research has shown that family involvement is instrumental in providing for successful treatment outcomes. At Center for Discovery, it is never about blame. We focus on where you and your family go from here and how you get there. Family is a primary source of support for our residents and is closely involved in the treatment process.

Each of our locations is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospitals Organization as a residential treatment center and maintains the highest state licensure. JCAHO accreditation is a nationally recognized symbol of quality and reflects our deep commitment to the highest professional and treatment standards. Center for Discovery is trusted by the leading doctors, clinicians, dietitians, and insurance organizations in the country and many of our residents are referred to us through medical and therapeutic professionals.

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