Bhakti Fest Mid West

Bhakti Fest MidWest is a 5 Day Yoga, Dance, Sacred Music Festival. Part of The Center For Spiritual Studies, a Non Profit that supports charities across the globe.

We celebrate a devotional path that has its roots in Yoga, Kirtan, and Meditation. Embracing both ancient and modern sacred wisdom along with traditional spiritual practices, this festival is a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution.


Bring your yoga pants to our yoga, meditation and music festival this June 25-29th in Madison, Wisconsin. Discover sacred pure yoga, devotional music and learn how to meditate at our sober 5 day family concert. Get a music download and find spirituality, bringing yoga to the people while you practice yoga poses and make new friends.


If you’ve been practicing your yoga positions at home in Madison or the surrounding areas and you are looking for a place to put down your yoga mat, listen to calming music and learn the benefits of meditation, then this Madison concert is for you. Yoga classes including yoga for kids to hatha yoga means that all types of yoga works.


This is a yoga retreat right in the heart of Madison, WI. In addition the mindfulness meditation teachers available will advance your practice sharing meditation for beginners and mindful meditation practices for advanced.

What is yoga about? Discover meaning, relaxation and mindfulness in Madison this June. This family Kirtan music festival experience is about joining, union with those who believe we can make a change to the world with a positive attitude, healthy nutrition and taking yoga classes that form the yoga tree of life. This means that Yoga and mindfulness meditation are actually one and the same. Thus come and be part of the family with your yoga meditation.

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