2nd Call

We at 2nd Call use our License to Operate in the West Adams/Arlington Heights Communities and, a portion of the Newton area of Los Angeles, the City of Inglewood, Compton & Pasadena. We work a coordinated strategy and effort with most other gang intervention agencies and local law enforcement on creating dialogue with neighboring street gangs in mediating peace and understanding along with safe passage for all community members.

2nd Call will assist in referring our clients to transitional housing and sober living homes. We work directly with the LA Unified Adult School & the L.A.C.O.E. Schools in assisting young adults in continuing the educational process. We at 2nd Call also work directly with the I.B.E.W. & several other Local Union representatives in assisting the young adults that have completed 2nd Call’s “job readiness & job retention” course. We assist those clients with life skills and gainful employment based on their own determination and commitment for success.

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