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Help a Life is a multi cultured group of everyday people who see the issues we face today and want to make a change. We can only do so with your help. Mission Help a Life Foundation is a premier center of academic excellence for supporting and educating disadvantaged gifted girls to be agents of change in an emerging Ethiopian society. Company Overview Our goal is to inspire you to help create a better world. One village at the time. Help A Life Foundation was formed in 2007 with the goal of housing and educating adolescent orphaned girls and providing them with a secure and supportive environment. They will be enrolled in a four year public school program with an emphasis on an additional tutorial in Math, Science, Computers and Health Studies. In addition, life skill training will also be provided to integrate them into society as productive citizens. The commitment of Help A Life Foundation will not end with graduation from high school. It will continue to support each girl through four years of college and is arranging for full financial scholarships through individual sponsorships in the USA & Europe. The purpose of Project Blue is to give orphans girls not only a supplemental tutorial education so that they can teach other children of the towns/villages but also give them social skills to integrate back into Ethiopian society as productive citizens. Help a Life Foundation is a USA 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt organization, all donations are tax deductible 814 South Spring St. 6th Fl Los Angeles, California 90014 Phone Tel: (213)327-0084 Fax: (213)327-0085 Email Website

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