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SanguinDrake was conceived in Spring 2010 shortly after David Drake and Sarah Sanguin Carter crossed paths navigating their own ways through the Los Angeles music scene. Each having produced solo albums prior their partnership (David Drake’s ‘Hallows’ and Sarah Sanguin Carter’s ‘Before Three’) both brought a thoroughly distinct expression and uniquely developed repertoire to create what became the SanguinDrake sound. Combining his masculine, sincere vocal quality and capacity to compose complicated yet tender musical arrangements, with her feminine, ethereal and edgier artistic tendencies, makes for their hauntingly balanced blend of paradoxes. In 2013 lead guitarist and composer, Kevin X. Barth, joined the band bringing an unpredictability and electricity to their rocking EP 'Mandragora'. Not without a sense of humor, their music seduces you into a dream state while their lyrics open your mind to natural law and the ironic simplicity of life.



Los Angeles,



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