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Sencha Japan Miyazaki Prefecture ~ Supreme ~ Caffeinated Steamed Green tea, Needle like shape. A rich, brothy texture, with a clean, refreshing green aroma. A rounded finish. Also great iced. Brewing Instruction Water Temperature: 175-190°F Serving: 1 Teaspoon per 16 ounce of hot water. 1. Pour hot water into a cup for each person so that it is 80% full and allow cooling down. 2. Place the tea leaves in a tea pot. 3. Pour the cooled hot water into tea pot. (1 min) 4. Pour the same amount of tea in each cup a bit by bit so that the taste is equal. Ensure to pour every last drop from the tea pot. Sencha - "Sencha" means decocted tea, the most common type of green tea with over 70 percent of entire tea production in Japan. Its producing process consists of 1) Picking, 2) Steming to stop oxidization, 3) Drying, 4) Rolling, 5) Shaping.

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