Women Rise

Women Rise
A Creative Call To Action for 100% Renewable Energy at the Paris Climate Summit



We’re approaching a critical moment in time. Climate Change is altering the Earth. We are being called to:

  • Shift the narrative
  • Empower Women to stand in solidarity for the future and our children-trusting the power of their voice and the power of their inner and outer beauty to affect the current context.
  • Spread a creative message that inspires, provokes meaningful conversations, and drives tangible action to address climate change.

The Opportunity

Early December, 2015 COP21 Paris Climate Talks The Paris Climate Talks represent the most potent opportunity for
global climate action in nearly a decade.


The Challenge

Climate Change is real and is already impacting millions of people all over the world. Women and children are the most affected.

Political and Corporate Leaders are not taking action fast enough to address the situation.

Urgent action to reduce carbon emissions and to move rapidly to clean renewal energy is crucial to limiting the most damaging consequences.

‘WOMEN RISE’ will give voice to women on the global stage in Paris to call for accelerated action on Climate to protect women and children.



Gather thousands of women and men including students, mothers, community leaders, and citizens from all over the world at the base of the Eiffel Tower during the Paris Climate Talks to create a large-scale ‘umbrella ballet’ aerial art image that will be filmed from the sky.

Participants will bring the power and beauty of their presence to form a human mural, calling for 100% Renewable Energy, amplifying the voice of women leaders, environmental organizations, and prominent international celebrities.

This artistic social action will be developed in partnership with local artists and our strategic NGO partners. The image will be documented from the air, and the resulting aerial photos and short film will be distributed to international media and online networks.


Our Aim

Declare what we stand for with beauty & coherence - making a strong statement on a large-scale that moves hearts, opens the imagination of people worldwide and captures international media attention by creating a platform for women to project their position on climate change to the world.


Why focus on women?

  • Women are done with being objectified and ripe to be honored and celebrated as wise voices for the earth and our collective.
  • Women are powerful voices for the Earth and for our future generations.
  • Women are the most impacted by climate change.
  • Women’s essence awakens the heart, beauty and soul.
  • Women capture attention in ways that transcend the mind.
  • Women are powerful heart-centered messengers for Mother Earth and what nurtures life.


"I find that women in particular are more involved in the struggle to preserve our planet, probably because they, themselves, give life and are faced with this necessity to preserve it more so than the rest of us. Women are also extremely adept at long-term planning. I meet many men in seminars and conferences but in the field, it’s the women who are making a difference!"
-Jacques Rocher, Foundation Yves Rocher

The Media Challenge

How do we get attention in the context of Paris for an urgent climate message from women?

We work in a creative medium that has proven time after time the ability to generate global media attention and inspire social media sharing - ‘Human Aerial Art’.


The Power of Human Aerial Art

Human Aerial Art events are participatory, immersive and interactive. It allows people to raise the power of their voice and their body by using their whole self as a visual declaration in a way that is widely accessible, celebratory, and action oriented. By literally ‘embodying’ the message participants become further activated and involved, which serves the long-term goal of building a community committed to respecting and honoring women. In addition, the individuals and groups that participate in the images become powerful ambassadors for the cause. They invite others to see the resulting images in newspapers, online, and email which catalyzes them to take action. This viral amplification of the message is a crucial component for the story of our future to change.


Media Exposure

Spectral Q Aerial Art events have historically attracted local, national, and international media attention. Spectral Q’s body of work has been profiled in the London Sunday Times Magazine and has appeared in hundreds of media outlets around the world including Time Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Good Morning America, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Le Monde, Stern, CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Reuters, AP, AFP, Discovery Channel, Entertainment Tonight, In Touch Magazine as well as award-winning books and documentaries.

In 2012 a Spectral Q ocean image was selected for permanent display in the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and the Jericho ‘Love All’ image was chosen as one of the 49 most iconic images in the history of the United Nations (out of more than 800,000 photographs).


John Quigley
John is founder of Spectral Q the world’s leading creative agency specializing in ‘human aerial art’ ~ a unique mix of human installation and aerial photography that brings together communities to create large-scale messages for the common good. Focusing on themes of health, human rights, social justice, ecological balance, democracy, and freedom, the work strives to liberate the spirit and inspire unity through creative participation.

Magalie Bonneau
Magalie is a social artist, a creative ritual designer, a community activator, film producer and the founder of Dancing Without Borders. Since 2012, Magalie has been turning the earth into canvas, joining John Quigley in facilitating massive scale embodied rituals and dance flash mobs to raise consciousness on some of the most complex global issues of our time. Her collaborative work has been shared in South Africa, Rio, Europe and California.


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Sunday, December 6
2:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Champ de Mars, Eiffel Tower, Paris
Sun / Dec

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Women Rise

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