UN Women USNC LA: The Feminist and Democratic Movement in Syria and Turkey

Join us this February 10th at 6:45pm for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Sharifi on the Kurdish Women’s Revolutionary Feminist and Democratic Movement in Syria and Turkey.

While different strands of Islamist ideologies and patriarchies stifle or severely limit the fundamental rights of women and minorities in different countries in the Middle East, the revolutionary struggle of Kurdish women in Syria and Turkey provides a new internationalist model of and model for feminist movement and democracy for not only self-defense against barbaric forces such as the Islamic State(s) and their anachronistic ideologies but for the radical transformation of oppressive and patriarchal relations in the region through the construction of a democratic con-federalism based on pluralism and gender equality.

Dr. Amir Sharifi is a current Linguistics Professor at California State University Long Beach whose studies focus on literacy socialization as a cultural model.While Dr. Sharifi teaches a variety of courses dealing with different aspects of linguistics, he is also an outspoken advocate of the Kurdish community in Los Angeles and abroad. As the President of the Kurdish American Education Society KAES, Los Angeles and the Director of the Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group ( KHRAG) in Los Angeles, Dr. Amir Sharifi has written countless articles advocating for the rights and recognition of Kurdish communities in Iran, Turkey, Syria and beyond. Dr.Sharifi will be speaking on the plight faced by Kurdish women subjected to oppressive and violent policies in Turkey and in Syria while also detailing the revolutionary movement of Kurdish women fighting back and demanding gender equality.

6:45pm: Sign in + Networking
7:15pm: Welcome, introductions, and chapter business
7:20pm: Feature Discussion / Presentation by Dr. Amir Sharifi
8:20pm Group discussion / Q&A:
9:00pm: Wrap

You can also join us at 7:20pm on Twitter (twitter.com/unwomenla) and follow the discussion with the hashtag #usnclachat


*Feel free to bring current event fliers and/or your own brochures to be placed on a table before the meeting for review and exchanges. Please be sure to remove any and all materials before you leave for the evening. Otherwise they will be recycled.


**LOCATION** (This meeting only)
Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Space D5, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Plenty of FREE PARKING on the LOT.

We encourage CAR POOLING and PUBLIC TRANSPORT! If you need or can offer a ride please post your location on our event wall!

Contact: la@unwomen-usnc.org

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Wednesday, February 10
6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
EarthWE@Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404 US
Wed / Feb

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UN Women USNC LA: The Feminist and Democratic Movement in Syria and Turkey

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UN Women USNC LA: The Feminist and Democratic Movement in Syria and Turkey

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