The Math-Magical Mystery Tour

New Zealand artist and geometric cosmologist Jonathan Quintin takes the audience on an illuminating journey through inner space to reveal a profound and beautiful order that pervades the universe. Sacred Geometry exists independent of chaos, space and time. It even exists independent of (and prior to) creation itself… because creation is modelled upon it. We can benefit immensely when we avail ourselves to the treasures contained in the multi-dimensional field of sacred geometry. Certain shapes in sacred geometry have “math-magical” abilities: They illustrate universal truths and the inner workings of nature. They are cosmological programs that govern the processes of creation. They are fractals uniting microcosm with macrocosm. They can each contain a universe of perfectly-ordered geometric shapes
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Saturday, November 4
4:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Phillipe's Place
Ojai Rural
Ojai, CA 92023 US
Sat / Nov

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The Math-Magical Mystery Tour

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The Math-Magical Mystery Tour

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