EarthWE/SIMA Film Screening Series


EarthWE and SIMA (Social Impact Media Awards) present an ongoing documentary film series....




The Well – Water Voices from Ethiopia
Paolo Barberi & Riccardo Russo
2011 Ethiopia, Italy
56 min

This is the Horn of Africa, a region of the world that is periodically shocked by terrible droughts. Each year to prepare for the coming drought, Borana herders will gather their livestock and walk for days to the dry Oromia Lowlands (South of Ethiopia) to retrieve water from their secular astonishing “singing” wells. 

With its strong photography and its epic narration, the film follows their life during a whole dry season, showing a unique traditional water management system that regulates what water is available as the property and right of everyone, without any money being exchanged.



Baseball in the Time of Cholera
By David Darg & Bryn Mooser
2012 Haiti, Canada
28 min

Baseball in the Time of Cholera is a powerful insight into the tragedy and scandal of Haiti's Cholera Epidemic through the eyes of a young baseball player.

Birth Is A Dream – Maternity in Africa
Paulo Patruno
2012 DRC Malawi Uganda
15 min

Every year in Sub-Saharan Africa 200,000 mothers die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. A great many of these deaths are preventable, when women have access to quality prevention, diagnostic, and treatment services. “Birth is a Dream” aims to document and raise awareness about the maternity crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dancing the Revolution
Vaida Blazyte & Mara Cavalli
2012 Tanzania
20 min

A glance into lives of “colorless” African artists, Albino Revolution Cultural Troupe in Tanzania, fighting against stigmatization and killings of people with albinism through performing arts. In recent years Tanzania became infamous for a number of tragic cases of albino murders, which were caused by a false belief that certain body parts of albinos transmit magical powers. Since then many albino support groups have been established to fight prejudice and rejection from society. Albino Revolution Cultural Troupe, which was formed in 2000, organizes musical and theatre performances at conferences, cultural events and campaigns against stigmatization and killings of albinos.



Bonsai People - The Vision of Muhammad Yunus
By Holly Mosher
2011 Bangladesh, USA
79 min

Unleashing the power of the free market to eliminate poverty, hunger, and inequality, Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, did his part to fight poverty by micro-lending $27 to 42 people. This initial act, which has now grown to 8 million women and 8 billion dollars, has been replicated around the world. But he didn’t stop there… whenever he sees a problem he starts a business, creating a mix between business and social work, which he’s coined “social business” demonstrating to the world that complex problems sometimes do have simple answers. It’s not about hand outs, it’s about hand ups.




David Fedele
2012 Australia
20 min

Have you ever wondered what happens to your electronics at the end of their life? Almost 50 million tons of e-waste (electronic waste) are generated worldwide every year. A large volume of second-hand and condemned electronic goods arrive in developing countries from the “developed” world, with a significant quantity arriving as e-waste, exported illegally as “second hand goods”. Without dialogue or narration, E-WASTELAND presents a visual portrait of unregulated e-waste recycling in Ghana, West Africa, where electronics are not seen for what they once were, but rather for what they have become.

Women of Fukushima
Paul Johannessen
2012 Japan
27 min

Six Japanese women offer brutally honest views on the state of the cleanup, the cover-ups and untruths since the nuclear accident in Fukushima, and how it has affected their lives, homes and families.

Big Damage
David Fedele
2011 Papua New Guinea, Australia
40 min

Big Damage reveals the human face of logging in Papua New Guinea. It is a tale of exploitation and broken promises, where local people are treated as second-rate citizens in their own country by Malaysian logging companies and corrupt politicians. Customary landowners are forced into signing documents they don’t understand, for the promise of “development” – fresh water, health and education, but these essential services are rarely provided. Instead, their traditional hunting grounds are destroyed, waterways polluted, and their way of life ruined forever.




Future of Hope
By Henry Bateman
2010 Iceland, UK
75 min

This feature-length documentary film tells the story of a few Icelandic people, not afraid to stand out from the crowd, who are taking a different path towards a more sustainable future. Academics, Politicians, Farmers, Scientists and Visionaries all demonstrate how the isolated country of Iceland could become not only a testing ground for new technologies but also a completely sustainable ecosystem.

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7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
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Thu / May

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