American Trash

American Trash, with a smattering of Euro Trash

Plastic pollution is a looming problem facing our planet.

This Saturday night, November 8th, 6-10 pm, we are celebrating the Closing of the American Trash exhbitit in the EarthWE gallery at Bergamot Station. 

Please join us if you have not seen the show.

Here are a few reactions to the show:

“?Walking into the gallery, I was struck by how many of the materials that pass through my hands daily were repurposed in such a striking and awe-inspiring assemblage--a life-sized camel made of landfill detritus (remember those sectioned lunch trays from your public school cafeteria?  Or the fucshia plastic potty seat that incentivized your toddler to regulate her bladder?); an eye-popping collage of every BPA-enhanced girly Goody brand brush photographed by ? in pinkalicious plastic; and a literally gut-wrenching tangle of regurgitated plastic bags that once lived in the bowels of a live camel.    ????
All of these combine to create an awareness of how these discarded everyday objects impact our environment, not the least of which are as worthy materials for our imaginations.”

Allison Abner, Producer, Without A Trace, West Wing and RAKE

"Last weekend, I went to see American Trash at EarthWe, Bergamot Station. I went because I support removing spent plastic from the environment, where its destructive effect on nature is heartbreaking to encounter and glaringly apparent in every corner of the world. I went as a longtime environmentalist to help sound the call. That would have been enough, but I wasn't prepared to be so affected by what I encountered. I had no idea how many respected artists have been working on society's fringes using castoff plastic to help us redefine our lives. I didn't expect to see such a well-honed artistic skill and intelligence, such pure genius of craft on display. Portraits filled with irony, urgency, tragedy and love set off by sculpture that stands up and brays its beauty, coughed up with the salty tears of seven oceans' sadness. This show is more than a political demonstration. In a timeless fashion, it achieves more than simply calling our attention to a compelling issue of our time. It thrashes us between our heart and mind, between adoration and hatred. It blurs the lines of distinction between the profane and the sacred, the blasphemous and the reverent, the vulgar and the refined, the filthy and the pure. This show forced me to take stock of what American exceptionalism and Chinese industriousness will long be remembered as having accomplished with the 21st century: defiled the source of our life and rendered it in the image of its trash, if not made in America, made because it was first made in America. More than anything, I will remember how beautifully the message was delivered to me."

Rafael O. Quezada, Founder and Executive Director, The RootStock Foundation

“Good Art from Bad Rubbish
It’s beautiful.  It’s thought-provoking.  It’s trash.
The latter comment is not a creative critique.
Trash is both the organizing theme of American Trash  as well as the preferred medium in the exhibit opening Saturday at Earth/WE: a  Bergamot Station gallery that champions good causes.
The American Trash subject may sound unpleasant and that’s the point; the 25 artists want to provoke dialogue about plastic garbage in the world’s oceans in order to inspire the public to consume less.
The work itself transcends the “ick” factor, however.  The sculptures, photos, collages and assemblages are literally more than the sum of their parts…and often disorienting in their beauty.
A life-sized camel is constructed of discarded, translucent plastic in colors that evoke a Sahara Desert sunrise.  A pelican assembled from tar-black, plastic junk is both evocative and a stark reminder of the danger posed to marine wildlife from plastic and oil spills.  And the beach-litter-and-shell miniatures by exhibit curator and environmental activist/artist Marina DeBris are a reminder that beachcombers are now more likely to find trash than treasures on the sand.”

Kim Ohanneson, The GoGo

We look forward to seeing you.


The artists involved in this American Trash group show have dedicated their past few years generating messages about this issue in an engaging and poignant way. The goal of American Trash is to raise public awareness about this issue, focusing on marine debris and selling some art!

Participating Artist List:

Brent Alex
James Cline
Dianna Cohen
Penny Collins
Fran Crowe
Marina DeBris
Calethia DeConto
David Edgar
Forlane 6 Studio
Joel Harper & Marq Spusta
Jessica Hokanson
Sayaka Ganz
Greenpeace Zurich
Julie Kornblum
Aaron Kramer
Peter Kreitler & John Reiff Williams
Cecilia Kreuzberger
Richard Lang & Judith Selby
Pam Longobardi
Cynthia Minet
Portia Munson
Rohitash Rao
Vilde Rolfsen
Lila Roo
Gregg Segal
Jon Stich

Special Music Performance by

Riad Abdel-Gawad
with special guests.

Featuring outfits from Marina DeBris' collection "Beach Couture: A Haute Mess".

A portion of all sales will benefit:





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Saturday, November 8
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
EarthWE @ Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404 US
Sat / Nov
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American Trash

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