February 10, 2016

UN Women USNC LA: The Feminist and Democratic Movement in Syria an

Join us this February 10th at 6:45pm for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Sharifi on the Kurdish Women’s Revolutionary Feminist and Democratic Movement in Syria and Turkey. ABOUT EVENT: While different strands of Islamist ideologies and patriarchies stifle or severely limit the fundamental rights of women... more

February 21, 2016

Pre-Launch Party

Betsy Clark Exhibit Benefiting Peacetime LIVE ENTERTAINMENT| BAR | FOOD TRUCKS The Peacetime App A breakthrough mobile application for iOS and androids that opens the way for tens of millions of people anywhere in the world to make peace with someone with whom they have had a falling out before... more

April 22, 2016

paint the world you want: Los Angeles

paint the world you want will bring people together like never before. From 11 am to 11 pm you can paint the vision of the world you want to see, state a vision of that world on camera, and dance a vision accompanied by some of LA's premier local musicians. EarthWE's mission is to amplify the work of... more

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