October 4, 2014

American Trash

American Trash, with a smattering of Euro Trash Plastic pollution is a looming problem facing our planet. In carrying forward the theme from the recent No Es Basura exhibit d30 in the eARThwe gallery, created and photographed by Dr. Peter Kreitler and John Reiff Williams, American Trash will continue to highli... more

October 25, 2014

African Hallow's Eve Soiree


January 1, 2015

Peacetime Event

NOTE: The "January 1, 2015" date is a placeholder.  The actual date is TBD.   EarthWE To Introduce “Peacetime” As Its Second Major Event More Than 100 Painters to Assemble May 19 to “Paint the Peace They Want To See” Followed By A Peace Concert During... more

January 17, 2015

paint the world you want: Los Angeles

paint the world you want will bring people together like never before. From 11 am to 11 pm you can paint the vision of the world you want to see, state a vision of that world on camera, and dance a vision accompanied by some of LA's premier local musicians. EarthWE's mission is to amplify the work of... more

April 5, 2015

No Es Basura - This Is Not Trash

For ninety days in 2012, environmentalist and educator Peter Kreitler walked the same one quarter mile stretch of Santa Monica Beach collecting flotsam and debris that floated in from the ocean or was left on the beach. Pieces of this collected trash were taken to his home where all was sorted, a portion discarded... more

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