EarthWE’s mission is to expand the good deeds and good causes culture of the world in every creative way we can, including by celebrating it and helping to finance it.

EarthWE will always highlight art and culture and that is why our brand is E-ART-thWE.

We seek to facilitate - and also to promote publicly on a large scale - the Good Deeds of donating, volunteerism, mentoring, social activism and other forms of positive action to help others and society. Our ultimate goal is that we help achieve, both locally and globally, a new level of mass participation in doing good and in good deed social networking.

Toward this end we have set ourselves on track to become a prime internet and event destination where non-profit organizations and those motivated to champion positive change intersect. To support these organizations, EarthWE has developed a limited marketplace for now via which a percentage of all sales in donated to a chosen non-profit.  Later, the marketplace will be expanded and EarthWE will become a full-on crowdfunding site for good causes.


To popularize good-causes and philanthropic involvement, and to make participation more rewarding and fun than it has ever been, EarthWE for the past few years has already begun organizing and promoting creative public events which consciously fuse good causes with the appeal of art, culture, music and creative expression. 

Reinforcing this intention, EarthWE in January, 2013, initiated its first major publkic event - a Presidential Inaugural festival in downtown Los Angeles of performance, painting and concert (by the popular band Ozomatli) called “A Green Term, Mr. President.” Attended by thousands, it also brought recognition to many local environmental organizations. Since then EarthWE has inaugurated a series of film screenings, art showings and music events to promote good causes. These later gatherings continue to take place primarly at our home base at the Bergamot Station art complex in Santa Monica, California, which we have turned into a simultaneous event space called EarthWE @ Bergamot Station. The events benefit good cause organizations in the Los Angeles region and bring together community members, art, philanthropy and local business.


Going forward, a core element of EarthWE’s strategic vision is linking our website to even more and expanded land-based cultural events that can be streamed and recorded. Music, film, visual and spoken word artists along with Ted-talk like thought leaders, activist and authors will be participating in an enlarged EarthWE Series and Festival expected to be attended by thousand and seen by hundreds of thousands. EarthWE is also sponsoring panel talks of notably interesting people around subjects relevant to our mission and to living in these times.

The artists, performers and speakers who will be featured in the series will be allowed to choose a cause to be highlighted for donor support on the EarthWE marketplace platform, with 5% of sales going to the cause.

Those performing or presenting will be selected via a mix of submissions online and special invitations. All featured EarthWE Series guests will be backed by strong social media marketing of their apperances, and the appearances will be webcast live and then preserved to to be shown to site visitors. Guests will also be gifted exciting media assets, including in the form of a well-produced video that captures the essence of who they are and reinforces EarthWE as a cultural channel. These videos, with commentary by observers, will appear long-term on EarthWE, and guests can use them to showcase their work elsewhere. (For a sample see EarthWE Series video of artist Betsy Clark on home page.) 

Annually, the EarthWE Series will culminate in a festitval called EarthWe Village. This major event will feature the best artists, perfomers and speakers of the year along with special guests, booths and adventures. (See EarthWE Village pilot video on home page.) The Village events and presenters will be curated by the EarthWE panel of individuals known to the public for their taste and sense of cultural creativity. Performances at the Village will also be webcast. Along with highlight videos made att the annual event, these webcasts will add to a body of visual material that will ultimately allow EarthWE to present the public with the EarthWE Channel, this alongside our marketplace and coming crowdfunding platforms. Exposure to EarthWE is projected to inspire many performers and business people to post their own crowdfunding projects on EarthWE’s crowdfunding platform.


• A dynamic online technology platform, promotional tool and social network that creates new opportunities for advancing positive change and for inspiring many on the sidelines to join in creating a broader good deeds culture.

• An innovative new way for charities and good causes to expand their bases and grow their support.

• An initial marketplace of intrepid art, apparel, music and gifts whose sales benefit good cause organizations. The marketplace will be expanded over the next year to include many quality-of-life products and services.

• Informative, provocative, jazzy events that promote participation in a local and global good deeds culture, offering a good reason and opportunity to gather locally to meet like-minded people, have fun and simultaneously to do good.


In sum, EarthWE is tapping into the reality that, with government cutbacks on one hand and challenges such as massive economic disparities and global warming on the other, more than ever people - of all ages - are being called on to step up to build healthy communities and to participate in philanthropic and social action activities. Called to make their positive mark on the world.

EarthWE is aware that young people in particular now tend to get involved more readily, in part because their social-networked circle of friends can easily share their own participation in good causes. In fact, surveys have shown that affiliation with a cause is more important to the Millennial generation than to any previous generation.

In building our own online platform, and in creatively promoting good causes and helping to finance them with events, commerce, and crowdfunding, EarthWE clearly intends to expand on that individual and societal Millennial thrust toward making a difference - and to grow it within all age groups.+


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